If you are an Interior Designer looking for balance in your business, then a Virtual Assistant will help relieve some of the busy work. 

Looking for a Virtual Assistant?

For Designers

Show your clients how their space can be arranged without having to create the floor plan yourself. If you have a tricky room, it’s helpful to bounce ideas with someone to put together the right floor plan for your clients. 

Floor Plans


Get an overall vision of your idea and color palette to showcase what you have in mind. No more scrolling through inspiration photos yourself. Let us spend this time so you can focus on your clients. 

Mood Boards

You create the design and leave the product sourcing to your Design Assistant, review the curated list and swap out anything that doesn’t work. 

Product Sourcing



By outsourcing your day-to-day tasks, you'll find that you have more time to focus on your business growth without having the commitment of having a full-time employee. Or maybe you are looking to dash your way to launching your business and you want to skip the trial and errors. I can help you skip to the front of the line. 

Hire an extra set of hands

Bring your vision to life with hyper realistic conceptual renderings that will help you book your clients and seal the deal. Need renderings for social media or your portfolio? We can help with this too. 

3D Renderings


Design is your thing, but what about marketing materials and client pitches. Maybe not so much? Let us put your Project Proposals together.


Allow us to help you get organized with setting up your Dubsado and more as you focus on your clients. Need Social Media help? We offer this as well too!




I also help small business owners who are just starting out. I provide the tools they need to present to their clients in a easy way with Canva templates that you can customize as your own.

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This is not your basic CRM. From scheduling appointments to creating workflows, streamline your business from start to finish.

Sasha also offers 1:1 sessions

If you're looking to refine your business and need someone to walk you through the process, I offer one-to-one consultations.

Help when you need it

Think of us as your independent contractor, your right hand person, and second set of eyes.

Here for you

Reach out when you are stuck on a project and need to bounce ideas around or give us a list of tasks that you need done so that you can focus on other projects. We are here to make your job easier. 

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