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I help designers streamline their business using programs like Dubsado and Clickup. I am also familiar with Studio Designer, Ivy, Mydoma, Design Files, Style Row, and more. Believe me, if there is a project management program out there for designers, I have tested it! Because of this, I am able to provide designers feedback on what I have used and how they are lacking. as well as offer solutions to streamline their process.

But.. there are only so many hours throughout the day and so much of my time I can promise to others, I honestly wish I can clone myself... Instead I did the next best thing! I have trained other designers in the process I use, the programs I love and can now help other designers with Virtual Design Assistants who are amazing at what they do connect with designers who need help. 

Our Virtual Design Assistants are skilled in so many ways like creating mood boards, sourcing, floor plans, 3D renderings, modeling, tracking and more. This is their own skill that they have perfected on their own but are now able to reach more designers like you to assist you in your design business.

So let us help you streamline your business and get you back to doing what you do best...

Your time is now.

Are you aching for a breakthrough?
a change to your design process?

to focus on design and hand over the floor plans, 3D renderings or admin work

do you want...

overwhelmed with tracking your orders or falling behind on putting together purchase orders

are you...

that you CAN'T take on any more design clients

do you find...

who is this for?

— james keenoy

Originally hired Sasha to rework our Squarespace website and after seeing everything she had to offer, decided to completely rebuild and relaunch our entire website to get exactly the kind of look we wanted. She was an animal and clearly well versed. Pretty damn good at it! That's all I have to say."

step three

Once onboarding has been completed, your Virtual Design Assistant will help you directly in your design industry. We will schedule a monthly touch base call to go over any concerns or changes you need for your business. You will receive a bi-monthly invoice for the work that is time tracked or we bill against a retainer, the choice is yours!

assist & manage

step two

You get a custom Clickup folder and meet with the Virtual Design Assistant that will be helping you in your business. We plan the work that needs to get done, develop tasks, go through the onboarding process and manage everything within this project management program. 

plan it

step one

We will schedule a discovery call to go over what support you need from a Virtual Design Assistant. We will review the different offerings available along with how we work.

From there, you will review the contract, pay the retainer and we add you to our roster.

discovery call

How it works:

red bulls a day


states i've assisted in


dubsado setup


number of happy clients


i'm ready for this.

A Virtual Assistant who understands the Design Industry and able to support you in your business

you'll leave with:

We can also add our add-on services such as Social Media, Dubsado Setup, CAD or 3D renderings to your package based on your needs


A touch base call with Sasha to go over your VA needs

Personalized Clickup Folder to manage your tasks

10 hours of Design Assistant services



"Sasha put systems in place with Dubsado and Click-Up and helped me outsource mood boards, renderings and sourcing items. She has helped me so much with not only organizing my business, but she gave me my time back with my family. It will always be the best call I ever made. "

— Kelly Menning Interiors

— Farrell Flynne

""Needed someone who is ambitious, willing to work proactively and gets stuff done. "

Over the moon! Sasha is a lifesaver! I am now very positive and hopeful about the future. Thank you for all of your help

— Stella Ludwig


5 stars all around

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